InsulTech Expands Tooling Center in Yuma

InsulTech is pleased to announce an expansion in our tooling capability at our Yuma, Arizona plant. This site now has 4 CNC mills a wood router, 3D printer and a tool buildup and validation cell. This in-house capacity adds to InsulTech’s preexisting capacity to run 12 concurrent toolsets; however, having this capability on premises in Yuma allows for rapid response for tool adjustment and repair requirements that arise from production activities in Yuma Arizona and San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico.

InsulTech produces a wide range of tools, including foil form dies, weld fixtures, assembly fixtures and check fixtures.  Material capabilities include a wide range of high density plastics, composites, aluminum and wood (short run). Tool materials are selected based on part characteristics, volumes and program life.

It also allows InsulTech to input programs with short launch windows, in some cases going from order through design, tooling, FAI/PPAP, soft launch and rate readiness in less than 6 weeks.