Suitable for high vibration environments
Flame resistant
Removable, reusable
Encapsulator options: 321 stainless, A600 series Inconel
Insulator options: Min-K microporous, felt, alkaline earth silicate, silica, etc.
Performance simulation and testing
In house tooling design and manufacture
Full lot traceability, serialization and fixed process control
Elastomer seals available
DFARS compliant sourcing
Attachment options: tie wire, custom wire forms, etc.

InsulTech’s weld-sealed, removable metal foil insulation blankets encapsulate insulation material between stainless steel or Inconel metal foil skins.  They are designed and fabricated to meet the stringent requirements of aerospace ducting applications, including  APUs, environmental control systems and bleed air systems. They are resistant to abrasion, vibration, and can withstand flammable liquids. Foil heat shields  are capable of direct exposure to flames without risk of burning or permanently deforming. In-house tooling is available.   Foil encapsulated insulation products are easy to maintain, and various cleaning methods, including solvent and steam cleaning, are acceptable and will not cause degradation. Our material sourcing, process qualification, inspection, lot traceability and serialization processes meet the stringent requirements of aerospace and defense customers. InsulTech’s lead times are the fastest in the industry and our costs are competitive.