Max operating temp: T301: 1500°F (1200°F continuous)
Cost neutral replacement to softwrap
Ideal for flex and flange applications
Easy and fast to install
Removable and reusable
Proprietary low or zero cost tooling
Water and chemical wash suitable
Insulator options: alkaline earth silicate, e-glass, silica, etc.
Encapsulator: 321 stainless foil
Multiple corrugation and embossing options available
Attachment: Spring and ring, and custom wire form

InsulTech’s T301 integral “clamshell” insulation shields offer a cost-effective metal foil alternative to sewn fabric insulation blankets. This solution is suitable for harsh environments where minimal space claim is available. They also resist vibration, hold-up to washing, and can withstand flammable liquids.   In-house tooling is provide at low or zero cost to InsulTech customers.  High durability materials are used to maximize performance over total lifecycle. T301 foil heat shields  are capable of direct exposure to flames without risk of burning or permanently deforming.