Insultech is a leading provider of custom, high-temperature insulation solutions for marine applications. We offer a comprehensive range of insulation blankets designed to meet the durability, performance and compliance requirements of marine engine rooms. 

Our insulation blankets are specifically designed for ease of installation and removal during maintenance, minimizing downtime and associated costs. Additionally, they consistently meet the stringent quality requirements of leading OEMs, regulatory bodies, and insurance underwriters.

Beyond these core benefits, Insultech’s solutions deliver significant improvements in safety and thermal efficiency:

  • Enhanced Safety: Our high-temperature insulation blankets significantly reduce the risk of burns and other heat-related injuries for personnel working near hot engine components.
  • Improved Thermal Efficiency: By minimizing heat loss, InsulTech’s insulation blankets optimize engine performance, leading to lower operating costs. This translates to a smaller environmental footprint and increased cost savings for our customers.
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Max operating temp: T1000, 101, 3000, 301, 302: 1500°F
Max operating temp: T2000, 3000i, 4000i: 2100°F
Encapsulator options: Various metal foil, sheet metal and cloth materials
Insulator options: alkaline earth silicate, e-glass, silica, etc.
Hot-face options: stainless mesh, 321 stainless steel foil, A600 Inconel foil
Pressure/chem washable options
Attachment options: spring and ring, hook and loop, buckle, tie wire, custom wire forms, direct weld, etc.
Meets SOLAS and USCG requirements
UL Listed - File:FTSR2.AU5204

Sewn Fabric


Sheet Metal