Insultech provides thermal insulation blankets, jackets and heat trace for a range of oil and gas equipment to improve heat transfer efficiency / reduce energy loss, improve worker safety, and to meet specific challenges presented by changes in the operating environment.   Areas of specialty include exhaust systems, turbines, gas and diesel engines, pumps, valves, actuators, instrument panels, flanges, pressure vessels, tanks and manways. Our expert design team can develop solutions to fit around nearly any conceivable geometry. InsulTech can provide solutions impervious to chemical attack, and offers a range of heat trace options to optimize integration.



Max operating temp: T1000, 101, 3000, 301: 1500°F (1200°F continuous)
Max operating temp: T2000, 3000i: 2100°F (1600°F comtimuous)
Encapsulator options: wide rang of cloth materials and foils.
Insulator options: alkaline earth silicate, e-glass, silica,  etc.
Water and chem washable options available
Heat trace available
Attachment options: spring and ring, hook and loop, buckle, tie wire, custom wire forms, etc.
NEC Class 1, Div1/2 and ATEX Zone 1/2 capable
UL Listed - File:FTSR2.AU5204

Sewn Fabric