Max operating temp: T7500: 1500°F (1200°F continuous)
Max operating temp: T7500i: 2100°F (1600°F continuous)
Capable of meeting diverse size and geometric requirements
Cloth options: silicone coated, PTFE coated, aluminized and uncoated fiberglass, silica, aramid, basalt, PTFE, etc.
Options that meet aerospace flammability requirements are available
Insulator options: alkaline earth silicate, e-glass, microporous, silica, etc.
Removable, reusable
Water and chemical washable options available
Hot-face options: stainless mesh, high temperature cloths, 321 stainless steel foil, A600 Inconel foil
Attachment options: spring and ring, hook and loop, buckle, tie wire, custom wire forms, etc.

InsulTech offers custom, high-temperature sewn fabric insulation blankets for use in aerospace applications. Our qualification, inspection, lot traceability and serialization processes meet the stringent requirements of aerospace and defense customers. InsulTech’s lead times are the fastest in the industry and our costs are competitive. Our engineering and manufacturing teams are capable of a wide range of part geometries, materials and attachment methods.