Project Spotlight: Marine Carbon Capture

InsulTech is extremely proud for the opportunity to support emissions reduction in marine applications. These green-energy powered systems capture and filter exhaust from container ships, tankers and auto carriers, removing 99% of diesel particulate matter and 95% of nitrogen oxide. It then releases pollution-stripped gas that’s a mixture that includes CO2 and water vapor.

This incredible technology has the potential to drastically improve air quality in port areas, and mitigate the impact of the shipping industry, one of the world’s most significant contributors of pollutants and other harmful emissions. Tiny air pollution particles released from ships can get deep in lungs and blood when breathed in. This can lead to early death, more hospital stays for heart and lung problems, and asthma attacks. Kids, older folks, and those with heart or lung problems are at greater risk. Worse, these risks hit some communities harder. Areas near ports, often home to lower-income families and minorities, already face many pollution sources, hurting their health even more.

InsulTech designs, manufactures and installs sewn fabric insulation blankets for this vital application and we are thankful for the opportunity to be involved with this impressive innovation.  Learn more.