InsulTech to Expand SLRC Site

InsulTech is pleased to announce an expansion of its San Luis Rio Colorado (SLRC), Sonora Mexico facility. This facility was opened in 2021 with an initial footprint of 30,000 SF of sewn fabric insulation production space. Since then, the facility has been expanded to include metallic foil insulation production and an incremental 15,000 SF was added.

InsulTech’s new facility will more than double this footprint, with 110,000 SF of initial manufacturing space and the ability to expand to over 200,000 SF.  In the coming months, InsulTech will launch operations to support both sewn fabric and foil insulation product types.

“SLRC  is a strategic investment site for InsulTech,” said Sean Deshler, Commercial Director. “The combination of excellent labor, border proximity, and competitive costs allow InsulTech to achieve quality, speed and cost at scale.”

Lighting and climate control system improvements are currently underway. InsulTech expects production to begin in July 2024.