InsulTech Soft Wrap Capacity Grows

InsulTech continues to increase output in the production of our sewn fabric insulation (aka softwrap) product lines. this increase is the result of added personnel, equipment, training, and continued improvement in flow, linkage and manufacturing processes.

We have open softwrap capacity in Yuma and San Luis Rio Colorado. Our operations team is the best in the business and lead times for established programs are 2-3 weeks. Our engineering has decades of experience with a wide range of thermal and acoustical insulation challenges -- especially in power generation, on and off highway vehicles, and marine applications. We are here to help.

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InsulTech Expands Tooling Center in Yuma

InsulTech is pleased to announce an expansion in our tooling capability at our Yuma, Arizona plant. This site now has 4 CNC mills a wood router, 3D printer and a tool buildup and validation cell. This in-house capacity adds to InsulTech’s preexisting capacity to run 12 concurrent toolsets; however, having this capability on premises in Yuma allows for rapid response for tool adjustment and repair requirements that arise from production activities in Yuma Arizona and San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico.

InsulTech produces a wide range of tools, including foil form dies, weld fixtures, assembly fixtures and check fixtures.  Material capabilities include a wide range of high density plastics, composites, aluminum and wood (short run). Tool materials are selected based on part characteristics, volumes and program life.

It also allows InsulTech to input programs with short launch windows, in some cases going from order through design, tooling, FAI/PPAP, soft launch and rate readiness in less than 6 weeks.


InsulTech Adds Foil Capabilities in SLRC

InsulTech is pleased to announce the addition of foil encapsulated and foil clamshell production capability at its high temperature insulation plant in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora Mexico.  The is added capability is made possible by the addition of 15,000 square feet of manufacturing space bringing the site total to 45,000 square feet. This site has been operating since Fall of 2021 and and is located near the San Luis commercial border crossing.

Capital expenditures to facilitate foil production include a new embossing/corrugation line, hydraulic presses and welding/assembly cells. It also is supported by the capabilities and personnel of the sewn fabric production line. Foil production began in early July 2022.  Further expansion of foil capabilities are in the planning phases.

“Adding foil to the SLRC site has many strategic advantages,” said Sean Deshler, Commercial Director, InsulTech. “This site is proven to provide the unique combination of globally competitive rates, industry-best lead times and world class quality. From this manufacturing center, we are well positioned to provide the best total value to customers — especially OEMs in the Americas.”

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InsulTech Qualifies Total NATO Supply Chain

In light of recent geopolitical events, InsulTech has qualified NATO-based tier 1 and tier 2 sources of supply for all standard raw material inputs for its custom thermal insulation product lines, including insulation materials, cloth, metal foils, sheet metal, hardware and thread.

For many years, InsulTech has complied with DFARS 252.225-7009 Restriction on Acquisition of Certain Articles Containing Specialty Metal for defense projects. InsulTech has now expanded this capability to all products and programs.

“We hope that this is turns out to be an unnecessary precaution,” said Sean Deshler, Commercial Director, InsulTech. “We highly value our sources around the world and especially those in Asia and we hope that trade will continue to flow unobstructed. However, if we have learned anything over the past few years, it is wise to plan for low probability, high impact events.”

InsulTech is a leading manufacturer of thermal insulation and head shielding products for energy, transportation, aerospace and defense applications.

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InsulTech Launches New Facility in SLRC

To expand production capacity and offer globally competitive rates, InsulTech has opened a new custom thermal insulation blanket facility in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora Mexico.  The site boast 30,000 square feet of manufacturing space and is located near the San Luis commercial border crossing.

Complement of equipment allows for complete fabrication of all sewn fabric insulation blanket products, including CNC cutting, industrial sewing and assembly.  Production began in early October 2021.  Expansion of capability to include foil products in planned for 2022.

“For more than 25 years, InsulTech has developed and produced thermal insulation systems that are essential features in power generation, defense in transportation application. We have tremendous growth and the addition of this new production facility will help us continue our trajectory to advance technology even further,” said Tom Bercaw, President, InsulTech. “At InsulTech we’re always seeking new opportunities to create value for our customers. SLRC will play a critical role as we continue to grow our business.”

“InsulTech develops key components for assisted energy applications all over the world. The completion of our new Sonora plant signifies a major step in our long-term strategy for advancing growth and innovation in thermal insulation solutions,” said Sean Deshler, Commercial Director, InsulTech. “The City of San Luis Rio Colorado offers significant advantages for this new InsulTech manufacturing center, which will provide excellent jobs in engineering and manufacturing for years to come.”

InsulTech Adds Additional Laser Cutting Capability

As part of an expansion of InsulTech’s sheet metal capability, InsulTech has added a new CNC laser cutting workcenter.  This investment further expands InsulTech output capacity and the range of materials and thicknesses that can be processed. InsulTech continues to see an increase in demand for T4000 sheet metal heat shields, bracketry and integrated thermal insulation cladding systems. The Mitsubishi ML3015NX has a travel of 125.98″ x 62.99″ and a maximum power of 4000 watts.  It is capable of cutting up to 1″ in mild steel and .50″ in stainless or aluminum. The system includes an auto pallet shuttle.


InsulTech Completes Yuma Plant Expansion

InsulTech is pleased to announce the completion of its expansion at its custom thermal insulation products plant in Yuma, Arizona, effectively doubling manufacturing space at the site. This 2nd building will be dedicated to the production of foil encapsulated insulation blankets for industrial, transportation and aerospace applications.

This expansion adds an additional 30,000 SF of manufacturing space in a separate building, allowing for segregation of processes, improvement of quality, increased flexibility and a significant increase and output.

This facility is scheduled to be AS9100D:2016 / ISO9001:2015 certified in August 2020.

“This expansion would not have been possible without the support of the City of Yuma and the State of Arizona,” said Ryan Barto, General Manager of InsulTech, “we are proud members of the Yuma business community and we look forward to continued success here.”