InsulTech’s Mark Brown, Leading the Pack

InsulTech’s National Channel Partner Director, Mark Brown, attended the 2024 Yamaha Champions riding school, the premier riding school in North America.

ChampSchool uses “Champions Habits” to teach all riders the skills and techniques used by the top riders in the world to go faster safer, while concentrating on the way in which modern motorcycles are designed to be ridden. ChampSchool is dedicated to making all motorcycle riders safer and more in control of their riding, no matter what type of riding they do.

Congrats to Mark and his son for completing this challenging program!

Leader Of The Pack
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InsulTech Sponsors American Legion Riders 2024


InsulTech is proud to have sponsored the 2024 The American Legion Riders – Post 19 4th Annual Helping Our Heroes Run. Over 100 riders participated in this event.

The focus of this event was to raise money for American Veterans, specifically for assisted living, food and clothing, and home repair (landscaping, air-conditioning, plumbing.

InsulTech was one of the primary sponsors, as well as volunteered to work the event, performing setup, assisting with registration, serving food, assisting with raffle and performing cleanup duties.  Other event sponsors include Boston’s Pizza, the Four Points Sheraton, Olive Garden, Hooter’s, IHOP, Inca Lanes, JMZ Drivelines and Auto, Liberty Motorsports, Lowes, Mazda Flight Line, AMVETS, AL Post 19, AL Post 20, Aresh and David Anderson, Amsoil Dealer Jason Keranen, and others.

InsulTech’s mission is, as stated in Matthew 7:12, to treat others as we would have them treat us. We believe that no American veteran should ever be without basic needs and we applaud the American Legion riders as well as all the Yuma business who supported this event. We are proud of the InsulTech employees who took the initiative to step up and support this worthy cause. Thank you.

InsulTech Team at Yuma County Amazing Race 2024

On April 12, InsulTech Yuma employees participated in the 2024 Yuma County Amazing race.

This was a team race event. The InsulTech team competed against other local businesses and organizations, including: Liggett (Electrical / HVAC company), Yuma Humane Society, B&G Foods, Arizona Western College (AWC), Yuma Sun (Newspaper), Yuma Regional Medical Center, Culligan Water (Water conditioning), Crossroads Mission (Rehab Center) and Imaginary Friends (Graphic Design Services).

The teams were given staggered starting times and winners were determined based on time to complete the race course. At the starting location, the teams were given their first challenge. Upon completion of the first challenge, the teams were given a checklist of the ten locations they must visit in order to complete the race. The team will then drive to the first location. At each location, the teams needed to complete that location’s challenge. Once that challenge is complete, the location representative provided them with an envelope with puzzle pieces in it.

Once the team had successfully completed the challenges at all ten locations, the team went to the finish line. Before a team can officially cross the finish line, the team must complete a puzzle using all the puzzle pieces received throughout the race. Upon successful completion of the puzzle, the team’s time was recorded.

The event featured a reception at Julieanna’s Steakhouse where prizes were awarded. It was an awesome event.